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Donate to support people in Ukraine UA

We're launching a limited collection of NFT art to provide immediate direct relief to people affected by the war.
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All profits will go to

Nova Ukraine
Our goal is...

$1B in humanitarian aid

To make this possible, we want to build a community, which you can join by donating to receive one of 300 Founder’s Passes today.












🙏 raised for now...

With your support we're able to...


Save lives

Profits made will go directly to those affected by the war: real people in Ukraine


Foster community

By working with Ukrainian artists, we’re building a community to create jobs and make lasting impact.


Create awareness

The war in Ukraine affects every nation & each one of us. That is why we need your help sharing this.

Together to make an impact

Donate to receive one or more of 500 Founder’s Passes today to join our community and get unique opportunities to contribute
Founder's Pass
allows holder to:
  • Steer the project direction, by having a stake in the governance
  • Participate in exclusive founders' community & events
  • Claim exclusive future drops by artists from Ukraine


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We value transparency

You can be sure that 100% of your donation goes to humanitarian aid immediately:

Step 1

You donate by paying via MetaMask to mint NFT art (art will be available on OpenSea).

Step 2

Your profits go directly to Nova Ukraine's crypto wallet, as specified in our smart contract, which cannot be changed. We do not hold your funds.

Step 3

Nova Ukraine sells crypto to deploy USD and UAH in humanitarian aid immediately.

If you're still not sure, contact our team or Nova Ukraine directly. You can also donate cash to Nova Ukraine using this verified link.

We work with a global community of artists who want to help

The loss of peace is followed by the loss of jobs. A lot of artists are displaced by the war and are eager to help.

...and non-profit organisations

focused on immediate humanitarian aid to real people. We do not fund guns or war!
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Our Ukrainian partner is Nova Ukraine, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in San Francisco Bay Area. make BIG things happen.

$1B is a BIG number. We know.
But we're confident that together we can reach it and help people in dire need.

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